Utkarsh Apoorva

About Me

I am a serial Maker and an Entrepreneur.

In 2012, I created GuitarStreet, which went on to become India’s second-largest online Musical Instruments store. It was acquired by Music House in 2018.

I also co-founded Clusto, Gmail’s unofficial side panel and co-created HandyTrain.com, a mobile training app.

Right now, I am working on LightCat.io and have recently self-published Buddha to Bezos – a book that explores how greatest makers think.

You can find me on Twitter.

How Can You Benefit From My Work

I run tons of experiments. On making new products, writing, growing audiences, discovering growth loops, and reinventing myself.

I make lots of mistakes while doing them.

And I document all the experiments, all the mistakes, all the success, to share with people who can benefit.

I am no expert. What you can get from me is meta-learning. Instead of learning anything directly from me, you will get your own lessons from my experiences.

See the learning list in the menu above. You can pick up the one-liners right now, and start applying them to your work.

In my work, you can discover stories about:

  1. Self-publishing my book without an audience.
  2. Audience building experiments on Twitter
  3. Reinventing Self, using a whacky idea by Napoleon Hill
  4. My experiments on Substack
  5. My discoveries on a good copy and engaging writing.
  6. How to design and build an MVP in days.
  7. How to prioritize your ideas to pick things to make.
  8. How to use Twitter to improve signal quality.
  9. And many many more …

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Or, you can find me on twitter.

My DM’s are open and I would love to help you in any way I can.