Do the greatest makers think alike?

Why do they keep winning over their audience repeatedly 🚀? What learnable secrets have they unlocked, which we too, can practice?

Read this book to find out.

Bonus: Stories from the greatest creators in history with timeless, actionable lessons.

Hi, I am Utkarsh Apoorva 👋

I am a serial Maker and an Entrepreneur.

In 2012, I created GuitarStreet, which went on to become India’s second-largest online Musical Instruments store. It was acquired by Music House in 2018.

Right now, I am working on and have self-published Buddha to Bezos – a book that explores how the greatest makers think.

You can find me on Twitter.

What I am working on

📗 Buddha to Bezos

How do the greatest makers think? Read this book to find out.


Raw ideas to validated and prioritized user stories. For makers to build fast.

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